Human Research

button KINARM Exoskeleton Lab

The human KINARM Exoskeleton Lab is a versatile research facility to study sensory, motor and cognitive function.

Complete Research Lab

Designed by neuroscientists for neuroscientists, the KINARM Exoskeleton Lab lets you start collecting data right out of the box. BKIN's standard system includes:

  • One or two KINARM Exoskeleton robots for the upper limbs
  • 2D virtual/augmented reality display
  • Dexterit-E™ experimental control software and hardware

Dual Function Robots

Each KINARM robot can be used as an exoskeleton for the shoulder and elbow (leaving the hand free to interact with objects in the environment) or converted to a hand-based end-point robot.

Study Both Arms Simultaneously

The use of two KINARM robots enables comparison of inter-arm performance as well as the study of bimanual coordination.

2D Virtual/Augmented Reality

Standard system includes a 47" wide 2D virtual/augmented reality display for natural, intuitive presentation of visual stimuli.

Easy To Use and Powerful

System includes Dexterit-E™ behavioural control and data acquisition software, which combines the power of a real-time operating system with the ease of a Windows™-based interface. Demonstration tasks can be used immediately for data collection. Custom Task Programs can be created using high-level graphical programming tools.


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